Immersive travel is relational.

Immersive travel is relational. It requires a certain level of trust of self, as well as vulnerability to the unfamiliar places you are inhabiting and the people you encounter along the way. Immersive travel is intimate. It requires a seeing and being seen, not as an observer but as a shared experience between two relational beings. Immersive travel reveals hidden parts of ourselves, which can only be seen through the reflection of another. Immersive travel is absorbing a place and a people into your being, so that when you leave you are never again the same as you once were. Immersive travel has the potential to enhance empathy and expand our individual and collective self-awareness beyond limited views of nationhood, ethnicity, cultural heritage, geography or class. Immersive travel can help us work on our broken places, if we are willing to be open, uncomfortable and uncertain. Immersive travel is practice for life, it is the classroom of our humanity.

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Elizabeth D Foggie